March 13, 2018


Kansas City Dynamo User Group Kick-off Meeting

4:30 PM
Center for Architecture & Design | 1801 McGee, Suite 100 Kansas City, MO 64108 Map

Please come join us at the kickoff meeting for the Kansas City Dynamo User Group. Whether you are a Dynamo guru or looking to get a start on computational design, you are invited!

Dan, Brandon, and Jeremy have been using Dynamo and other visual programming tools in practice at BNIM for the past few years. We have seen how the tool can extend our ability to design, create, and document unique projects in an efficient way. We look forward to an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers in our community.

The goal of the KC DUG is to provide a forum for collaboration across firms and disciplines following the open source model that brought us Dynamo. We would like to take the opportunity to bring together a niche of the AEC community in Kansas City to share ideas, solve problems, encourage innovation and celebrate successes with the ultimate goal of being a force that shapes the future of our industry, beginning in our city.

For the first meeting, we want to get an idea of how much or how little Dynamo and related tools are in use here in Kansas City, get to know one another, and get an idea of what resources we can work together to create and provide to the community here in Kansas City. This will include deciding what sort of sessions makes sense, including ideas for short presentations from individuals, case studies, invited industry experts, and possibly hackathons.

We are excited to offer this new resource through AIA Kansas City, so please join us for our inaugural event and help shape the future of computational design in Kansas City!

Before you register, please consider the following questions, as they will be topics at this meeting:

  • What kinds of meetings are you interested in (industry talks, case studies, individual stories, hackathons, etc.)
  • Do you have a sample or story of computational design work you have done? It doesn’t have to be Dynamo specifically, maybe coding, Grasshopper, bat scripting, LSP scripts, etc.
  • Are there particular problems you are trying to solve or concepts you are trying to work out?




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